Ride Recommendations

The Bay Area has lots of areas to ride, including some we greatly enjoy. Here are a few we like:

Water Dog Lake Park, or "The Dog"

This park is located an easy bike ride from the shop (about 2 miles). It contains about 10 miles of trails, more than half being singletrack which was developed and built by mountain bikers (Berry, the guy who works in the back at the shop, was one of the key players in building these trails). Some small technical stunts built in spot. Also allows for an easy connection to an area called "Carlemont" or "DMC", which has lots of jumps and downhill-style runs in it. Water Dog is definitely worth checking out. Click here for more info and recommended routes in Water Dog.

Soquel Demonstration State Forest, or "The Demo"

This forest (not a park) is located off of Highway 17 between San Jose and Santa Cruz - so a bit of a drive from Belmont, but well worth it! It also has a land manager that is very favorable to working with mountain bikers, with an end result of some of the best, technical, legal singletrack around (Charles was one of the key players in working with the Forest). The land borders on the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, so an epic ride starting in Aptos and doing a loop or two here could be put together. Click here for more info and recommended route in the Demo.

El Corte de Madera Open Space Preserve, or "Skeggs" or "ECdM"

Skeggs Point, which is actually known as El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space Preserve, is a preserve up on Skyline Boulevard above the town of Woodside. This land used to be logged, then was a motorcycle park. When it was acquired by MROSD, mountain bikers quickly found these trails quite enjoyable, so the park became very popular. The land manager has since been implementing a watershed protection and trail plan that has some good trail changes, along with some bittersweet trail closures for us. Click here for more info and recommended route in ECdM.

Video Maps of More Places

One of our customers, who happens to be a professional videographer as his day job, took some of his time to connect video with a map (showing location) and contours to give you a feel for the various parts of various trails. Great way to see what the trails are like before you go there. Sound up!

* The trails along Skyline Boulevard between Page Mill and Highway 9 - includes Montibello OSP, Saratoga Gap, Russian Ridge, Coal Creek, etc. * Purisma Creek OSP - please note that Whitmore Gulch trail closes to bikes in the winter, and that this park is very popular with hikers (especially on weekends) - not the place if you prefer less interactions with other users.

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