About Passion Trail Bikes

Posted by Charles on August 9, 2005

(Note – this was written over a year ago. As Charles took Passion from idea stage to making it a reality, some things have changed a bit. But the vision he talks about here has largely been what was implemented.)

Passion Trail Bikes will soon be the source for the highest quality equipment, advice, and repairs for those that appreciate service over price, and desire 100% confidence in their shop and their bikes. All the bikes we will sell will come with rider specific fitting and tuning, and will be built to the highest spec available. Component inventory will be chosen using quality and value as criteria. The intention will not be to stock everything available, but to ensure everything in stock is a great product, either the best in its class, or a very good value for its level of performance. Clothing and other soft goods will also fit the high value, high quality theme of the store.

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